Load Break Switch (LBS)

Vyas Trading Company are occupied in providing Load Break Switches, (LBS) which is easy to install and feed less amount of space. The live parts cannot be directly touched, which provides protection from hazards. In order to heckle or deflect the current flow, these circuits help in breaking a circuit. Load break switch 630Amp/1250Amp, 26.3KA. IS 9920/IEC 60265, HT HRC fuses of suitable rating, Auxiliary switch In Built, The insulation level is 12/28/85KV, Shunt trip Coil In Built, Tamper Proof, Earth and Fuse Trip In Built.

Street Light Pole

Manufacturer & Exporter of Street light pole & Solar Street Light pole, Swaged Poles, Decorative Poles, Octagonal Poles, onical pole, cylindrical pole, cylindrical conicalpole, cylindrical stepped pole, parabolic conical pole, ribbed pole, triangular pole, oval pole, straight pole, diagonal pole, curved pole in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Vyas Trading Company

We are Leading Manufactures , Exporters & Engineers of Overhead line-material, Transmission line-material, Ring Main Unit (RMU), Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB), Compact Sub-Station (CSS), Load Break Switch (LBS), Air Break Switch, Disconnecting Switch, GOAB Switch, Hightension Switchgears, RMU Load Break Switch,Isolator, HTMC Panel, Metering Cubicle, Metering Panel, CT and PT Metering, Earthing Electrode, Maintenance free Earthing Electrode, Earthing Material, Gel Earthing, Chemical Earthing GI Earthing Strip, GI Earthing Plate, CI Earthing Cover, GI Earthing Wire, Earthing Cover, Copper Earthing Wire, Copper Earthing Strip, Copper Earthing Plate, Lighting Arrester, Drop Out Fuse, Horn Gap Fuse, Discharging Rod, Operating Rod, Overhead Line Materials, Sub-Station Equipment, ACSR Conductor, AAAC Conductor, Polymer Insulator, Porcelain Insulator, Silicone Insulator, LT And HT Insulator, Transmission Insulator, Transformer and CTPT, Street Light Pole, Cable Jointing Kit, Shock Proof Equipments, Fire Safety Equipments, Aluminum Clamp and Connector, Aluminum Ladder. In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.